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by on Jun.07, 2010, under Android Applications

So we made this Windows Gadget for the Sidebar that inspects our Android Market account and AdMob account for our mobile app stats and earnings which, btw, I think is doing pretty well considering how small scale Lucky Suite is =)

As a side note: Man that TV show was terrible ;p
Right now the data is being retrieved via PHP on a server, so then the Flash based gadget (which is actually inside a browser) goes and grabs the data. This works well enough for our own personal use, but it would be nice if other Android developers could use this to track their stats too. Unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated than just adding a log in screen.
You see anything that runs inside a browser has to have security restrictions for the safety of internet users. Flash, as well as any other widespread browser based functionality like Silverlight, Javascript, Unity, Java Applets, HTML5, etc cannot, for example, install a program onto your computer. One of the standard restrictions is accessing content from outside URLs.
This outside access limitation can of course be overcome with permission from the destination server, in the form of “cross domain policy” files. (I’m not sure if Silverlight has this feature yet but the devs said they plan on basing their policy file standards on something like Flash’s implementation) Many sites have cross domain policy files for Flash access, but AdMob isn’t one of those sites yet.
What this all means is: If other users want to use our gadget, we’d have to tunnel their private login information through our server, something we aren’t willing to do, for their own security. Hopefully with the emergence of so many RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) on the internet more sites will become aware of these standards. Also, hopefully AdMob will be one of them. We’ve already contacted them and will post again if our request is accepted and the gadget is remade for public use.
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