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Android (Java) Concurrency

by on Oct.11, 2010, under Android Development

Interested in expanding your knowledge of multithreading? Do you already know a little bit about Runnables and Threads… They’re not very streamlined all on their own are they?

Java introduced a package in 1.5 (I think) which went unknown to me for a while. Wish I’d found it sooner because I was doing things the hard way, or rather, the more meticulous way. So what is this package called? :

java.util.concurrent <- Here’s an api link for those who’d like to learn about it that way.. be warned it’s a pretty large bit of info to take in all at once

What does this package offer?

  • Automatically manage a pool of threads
    • Use a fixed thread count or..
    • Create as many threads as needed, reusing threads when possible
  • Start up single tasks normally, while manage them under your thread pool
  • Blocking until a pool of threads are all finished
    • Optional timeout period
  • Repeating tasks at a rate asynchronous to their execution time!
    • Yes, this means it’s perfect for timers.
    • Or wait until a specific elapsed time AFTER execution
  • Return values, or Throw exceptions from Threads
  • Shut down thread pools and single tasks with many options
    • Shut down in an orderly fashion by rejecting new tasks but allowing existing tasks to complete
    • Quickly shut down by interrupting tasks in progress
    • Optionally block while waiting for a shut down
    • Optional timeout period if chosen to block during shut down
  • See if a task was cancelled or if it finished
  • +Plus tons of even cooler stuff

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